Wearing Pandora Charms never causes any adverse effects

The Genuine 925 Sterling Silver never lost its stature of contributing subtle elegance in everyday urban fashion. However, its growing popularity and adoption into other forms of style are concerning, or is it?

Should You Wear Sterling Silver Accessories: Yay or Nay?

Fundamentally, you can wear sterling silver accessories every day with no negative health effects.

While that is true for 99% of the people, except for those who suffer from Argyria, there are other things you should know. It applies to everything silver, like silver charms, silver earrings, and other everyday sterling silver accessories.

Sterling Silver Tarnishes Quick

Your silver jewelry like a silver necklace, silver bracelets, and other silver items can react with the environment, which oxidizes it, forming a tarnish or dullness over it. While that doesn’t affect your health either, it merely steals the sheen on the silver surface.

Cleaning it is super easy with many homemade solutions. But, it’s always advisable to give it for cleaning every couple of months to a jeweler. They can clean it effectively to restore its signature shine and glowing appearance.

Sterling Silver Scratches Easy

The genuine sterling silver is delicate. It’s not exactly brittle or highly prone to light damage, but it can scratch easily. Athletes who exercise using gym equipment or artists who indulge in using different metal objects may be familiar with this effect.

Since it’s easy to scratch sterling silver, removing it before performing any such activities that may produce such effects is recommended. You can typically find its evidence on the silver rings of millions of people who wear them daily.

Sterling Silver Bends or Dents Easy

Another aspect to look out for when exposing silver jewelry to your everyday life is losing its shape if you’re not careful.

Usually, a Genuine 925 Sterling Silver item contains 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% contains copper or nickel alloy, which helps provide it with a definite shape. Otherwise, the silver will theoretically melt out of shape. So avoid exposing it to such agents that may dent it.

Are Oxidized Silver Accessories Better?

Again, wearing Pandora Charms never causes any adverse effects on your body, same as oxidized silver. The latter is merely different because it’s purposely put under controlled oxidation to obtain certain tarnish on it.

The latter is easier to maintain comparatively, while the former offers better aesthetical value. Thus, it’s okay to wear Pandora Charm / Sterling Silver items every day!

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