Choosing And Styling Your Pandora Bracelet With Our Charms

Everyone carries different styles and personalities, and that uniqueness can be shown off in how you design your Pandora bracelets. 

Whether you adore gold, silver, color, or jewels, you can create a motif that has “you” written all over it. If you are planning to buy your first Pandora bracelet, then choosing such a magnificent piece of jewelry that you can treasure forever is an essential step with various factors to consider. It ensures that it’s a suitable and perfect pandora bracelet for you.

Pandora bracelets are the perfect bracelet to beautify your personality and accessorize your wardrobe. The bracelets can be easily changed to match any outfit of yours. Even if you are wearing any color of attire, you can easily put on any color of beads to match.

Here, at The Silver Goose South Africa, we have different styles of bracelets for you to choose from and an array of charms to decorate it. With our help, you can create the perfect piece of jewelry.

Choose Your Pandora Bracelet

We have a variety of bracelets or bangle designs for you to choose from. The first thing you have to do is to select a bracelet material. Having a wide variety of designs, you can choose either silver, leather, rose gold, or you can mix and match. 

If you adorn gold and silver jewelry, then you can complement your other jewelry with a bracelet of those metals. 

Otherwise, if you are obsessed with a color, you can select a leather or fabric charm bracelet because both leather and fabric bracelets come up with a wide range of colors, from brown to teal to purple.

The Ultimate Charm Bracelets

You will find plenty of Pandora charms in the market, so don’t get confused about what to choose and wear. To narrow down the selection, think about themes.

You may want to craft a bracelet around your family members. Let’s take an example; selecting charms that feature family images, birthstone, initials, milestones, etc.

If you are a traveler or love to travel, you can create charms of any travel symbol or your favorite destination or show off your wanderlust.

Moreover, you can also pick charms that speak to your personality. In this way, you can have and own your customized charm bracelets.

Finishing Touches

Whenever you choose a charm, try to match it with the bracelet’s material and keep your charms in place with spacers and stoppers. You can also get yourself a safety chain just incase the bracelet’s clip accidentally opens, and you don’t lose all your charms.

For more information about our sterling silver jewelry or if you simply want to add more to your collection,  visit our website:

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