Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Accessories for Styling Suits

Owning Sterling Silver Accessories is a personal need for some, but it can style all types of clothing even otherwise. The classic appeal that oozes from wearing a silver accessory is due to its symbolic ability to contrast all colors. Yet, such a fact shouldn’t motivate you to haphazard your styling sense to odd variations.

Unisex Suit Styling Options with Sterling Silver Accessories

There are innumerable suit styling options with silver accessories because, unlike with Gold, it does not have color variations. Moreover, say you want to pair Silver Rings with something casual or party wear. You can still do so, which wouldn’t be the case with a golden ring piercing your eyes.

Let’s, without further ado, check out the different ways you can style sterling silver accessories with suits.

Sterling Silver Accessories for Sale South Africa

Striped Suits

The best way to portray layers to your persona is by wearing striped suits, especially when you’re taller. Such suits add to your frame and also offer to elongate your height, at least visibly. Hence, wearing a Silver necklace with or without a pendant with an Ascot over a striped suit looks better.

For women, wearing Silver earrings over striped blazers with solid color darker heels would do justice to the attire. Bonus points if you also wear a thin or medium thickness silver necklace.

Solid Suits

Women can also wear two or three-piece suits and look absolutely sharp like their male colleagues or friends. It is often seen that women prefer not to wear golden ornaments when wearing a suit and instead go for platinum earrings or rings. But, wearing Genuine 925 sterling silver will also do the work.

Whether you’re low on budget or prefer to save your valuables for special evenings, sterling silver can complement any attire. Make sure to pair your solitaire look with apparel of solid shades, including suits, light or dark.

Pattern Suits

Now, this is the festive territory. Regardless of your demand to be vivid, superior, or different from the rest, such suits accommodate Silver Charms very well. You can even carry Silver bracelets perfectly, irrespective of your gender.

A key aspect to remember with Pattern-type suits is that the simpler the silver accessory, the better. You wouldn’t want to draw your attention to your sparkling silver asset only for it to dull the prestige of the patterns, do you? So remember these tips when purchasing a sterling silver accessory like pocket watches and so on.

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