Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Is Real Or Fake - Different Tests To Determine

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There is no doubt that online jewelry stores are seen delivering fake and low-quality products. This can be due to many reasons, and many customers spend their money on buying these low-quality sterling silver accessories. Even you or anyone you know might have experienced something like this.

When it comes to buying Pandora Jewellery or Genuine 925 sterling silver online, it becomes important to take precautions to avoid buying any fake or low-quality silver accessories. These tests will help you to buy real sterling silver jewelry.

Look for a stamp or hallmark

Whether you are going to buy silver charms, silver bracelets, a silver necklace, silver earrings, or silver rings, it is necessary to check whether your particular jewelry piece has a stamp or hallmark. The popularity of sterling silver accessories has made the jewelry industry take the necessary step in order to standardize the quality of Genuine 925 sterling silver. You have to look for ‘Ster’, ‘925’, or ‘sterling silver’ stamps.

Nitric acid test

If you do not find any stamp or hallmark in Pandora Jewelry or sterling silver jewelry, it will make it hard to determine its authenticity. A jewelry expert can use nitric acid to find that particular Pandora  jewelry is made of real sterling silver. Just put a drop of nitric acid on a piece, and if it causes green coloration and bubbles, it means this piece is not real sterling silver.

Magnet test

It is another simple way to check the authenticity of sterling silver accessories. Just take a magnet and bring jewelry near to it. Always keep in mind that sterling silver is not pure silver and contains 92.5% silver. So, when you hold jewelry near to the magnet, the piece should not be attracted to it. When you are shopping for sterling silver accessories, make sure to request this test to guarantee that you are buying authentic pieces.

Rubbing test

This is the easiest test to check the authenticity of Genuine 925 sterling silver jewelry. Take a soft cloth and rub it on your jewelry piece. Then, check the surface. If it gets a black mark on the cloth, this is a real sterling silver piece.

Smell test

Some cheap metals have a unique smell, which makes it able to determine if your piece is made of real sterling silver. Always remember that high-quality metal has no smell. If your piece smells, it means your jewelry is not real.

When you are buying Pandora charms or sterling silver accessories, make sure to assess each piece carefully using these easy tests.

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