The Making of Pandora Charms in South Africa

This made me comprehend that I hadn’t actually accomplished a blog put up on how Pandora charms are made – so that’s what I’m doing today. I notion it would be a laugh to prevent and appreciate how a good deal work has gone into the charms we already own! I’ve blanketed the new video in this put up, alongside a few extra information approximately how the Pandora charms are made.

Where and the way are Pandora charms made?

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Each Pandora charm is hand-crafted and reportedly passes via as a minimum 20 hands before it hits the shelves. This entails setting all the gemstones in a charm, soldering pieces together, plus oxidising and polishing the Pandora charms – all by hand!

I locate this fascinating. Pandora is, admittedly, very famous across the world and the charms are produced in full-size quantities. This way that it’s regularly tempting (or so I find) to think that the charms are completely made thru a conveyor-belt technique, and so the craftsmanship behind every allure becomes a touch lost. It’s splendid to assume that every unmarried Pandora piece, no matter how a lot of them there are, have gone thru that painstaking technique.

Charm Variation

Just hand-finished Sterling Silver Jewelry; they can vary size-wise, sample and even colour. Personally, I’ve always liked this, because it makes a allure sense a bit extra yours and suggests the high level of character craftsmanship that goes into every piece. However, I do like to head and select mine out in person, simply to make sure that I’m glad with the one I’ve selected!

Pandora simply released a fixed of quite cool new films detailing how they invent their charms. 


It might be excellent with the intention to go to the factory and in reality see the jewellery-making process in individual but unfortunately you aren’t allowed to excursion it! 

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