Tips To Style Your Pandora Jewellery or Sterling Silver Accessories

Sterling Silver Jewellery South Africa

Sterling Silver or Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery is an alloy of silver made by amalgamation of 92.5% silver by weight and 7.5% by weight of other metals. Usually copper is used to make this alloy. A genuine 925 sterling silver can be considered as equivalent to real silver since fine silver is 99.9% pure. Sterling silver accessories are more durable and suitable for jewellery and other metalwork than fine silver.

What Colors Go Best with Genuine 925 Sterling Silver?

Usually Pandora jewellery stand out gracefully with darker shades like black, burgundy, navy blue or royal blue. But it can also be worn with white, cream or grey since these shades do not overpower the charm of silver accessories.

Black is a colour that complements any and all Pandora accessories stunningly without fading its beauty. A similar shade is white, regardless of the seasons, white and its shades are always a perfect choice with statement sterling silver accessories. Even a plain and basic outfit can be lifted with a pretty silver necklace, silver ring, silver earrings or a silver bracelet too. If not a statement accessory, then you can layer Pandora accessories with gold and wear.

The deep and rich shades of blue like royal blue, midnight blue, sapphire or navy blue can set an outstanding base for sterling silver accessories. The other hues are the shades of purple like dark purple or indigo purple. Even other intense colours like burgundy can be enhanced with the touch of a delicate sterling silver accessory. Whether it is a black dress, royal blue gown or a simple white tee, sterling silver can be worn in any occasion giving a hint of glamour to all our outfits.

How To Design and Style Your Sterling Silver Accessories?

Pandora necklaces look the best when they are short and delicate. The Pandora accessories give out a faint shine that make them a perfect wear for every occasion, whether it's a party or in everyday life.

Studding your silver charms, silver necklaces or silver rings with multiple gems or stones might seem intriguing, but silver jewellery looks best without those. Of course, you can add a small gem or stone or pearl to level it up but too much of it would diminish the Pandora charm. However, you can get them customized to beautiful designs of your desire.

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